John Amos Comenius

„Be nice and pleasant in the face,
kind and polite in your manners, 
welcoming and truthful by your mouth, 
passionate and sincere with your heart.“

Code of Ethics of University of Žilina

… The Code of Ethics of the University reflects the fundamental, moral and ethical requirements on academic community and other employees of the University in accordance with the Constitution of the Slovak Republic and the Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on Higher Education and On the Change and Supplement to Some Acts, as amended, with the status of the University and other regulations …

Code of Ethics of University Employees

In relation to the Code of Ethics, we, employees of universities of the Slovak Republic undertake to comply with the principles of this Code. It is connected with an effort to enhance the reputation of these top-level educational, research and artistic institutions providing higher education in bachelor’s, engineering/master’s and doctoral study for social and economic practice.

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