Doctoral study

The University of Žilina has accredited study programmes in the third degree of higher education, based on the decision of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic from 30 October 2015, KA completed on 12 November 2015.

List of doctoral study programmes in full-time / part-time form

Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications

Economics of Transport Communications and Services, field of study 3.3.11 Branch and Sector Economy

Economics and Management of Enterprise, field of study 3.3.16 Economics and Management of Enterprise

Transport Methods and Technology, field of study 5.2.59 Transport

Postal Technologies, field of study 5.2.60 Postal Technologies

Transport Services, field of study 8.2.1 Transport Services

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Rail Vehicles, Field of study 5.2.4 Motor Vehicles, Rail Vehicles, Ships and Aeroplanes

Machine Parts and Machinery, filed of study 5.2.5 Machine Parts and Machinery

Computer Aided Design and Machine Mechanics, field of study 5.2.5 Machine Parts and Machinery

Industrial Engineering and Management, field of study 5.2.52 Industrial Engineering

Energy Machines and Equipment, field of study 5.2.6 Energy Machines and Equipment

Mechanical Engineering Technologies, field of study 5.2.7 Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Materials

Industrial Materials, field of study 5.2.7 Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Materials

Automated Production Systems, field of study 5.2.7 Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Materials

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Electric Power Systems, field of study 5.2.9 Electrical Engineering

Theory of Electrical Engineering, field of study 5.2.10 Theory of Electrical Engineering

Power Electrical Engineering, field of study 5.2.11 Power Electrical Engineering

Electro-Technologies and Materials, field of study 5.2.12 Electro-Technologies and Materials

Process Control, field of study 5.2.14 Automation

Telecommunications, field of study 5.2.15 Telecommunications

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Theory and Construction of Building Structures, field of study 5.1.4 Buildings

Theory and Construction of Civil Engineering Structures, field of study 5.1.5 Engineering and Traffic Structures

Applied Mechanics, field of study 5.1.7 Applied Mechanics

Construction Technology and Management, field of study 5.2.8 Building Industry

Faculty of Security Engineering

Security Management, field of study 8.3.1 Protection of Persons and Property

Rescue Services, field of study 8.3.6 Rescue Services

Crisis Management, field of study 8.3.7 Civil Security

Faculty of Management Science and Informatics

Management, field of study 3.3.15 Management

Intelligent Information Systems, field of study 9.2.6 Information Systems

Applied Informatics, field of study 9.2.9 Applied Informatics

Faculty of Humanities

Mediamatics and Cultural Heritage, field of study 3.2.4 Library and Information Science

University study programme (Institute of Forensic Research and Education ÚZVV)

Forensic Engineering, field of study 5.2.58 Forensic Engineering

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