About the Technology Transfer Center

Contact point

For researchers and partners from practice who want to protect and apply their research and development results in practice.

Support measure

In technology transfer process – transfer of research and development results into practice (evaluation of the market potential of technology, assistance in the preparation of contracts, assistance in the establishment of spin-off, startup and so on).

Patent information centre (PATLIB)

It provides the public with basic information on the possibilities of industrial property of technological solutions, inventions, marking of goods and services, etc., within the Slovak Republic.

Search activity

Elaboration of searches concerning the state of technology to verify the uniqueness of research, inventions, technological solutions, logos or design.


Educational and promotional activities in the field of intellectual property rights and technology transfer.

How to contact us

Send us and e-mail

Briefly describe the problem or project that you would like to consult with us.


Come and visit us

The CTT (Technology Transfer Centre) UVP (University Science Park) offices are located in the building of the University Science Park UNIZA. A meeting can be arranged in advance by e-mail or by phone at:

+421 908 277 599

Be informed

Address us or our colleagues on various occasions such as conferences, exhibitions, discussions and other events.


Department for Science and Research UNIZA

Contact person: 
Ing. Janka Macurová,
tel: +421 41 513 5143,
e-mail: macurova@uniza.sk

CTT UVP (Technology Transfer Centre of the University Science Park) UNIZA

Contact person:
Ing. Andrea Čorejová,
tel: +421 908 277 599,
e-mail: ctt@uvp.uniza.sk

Incubator UVP (University Science Park) UNIZA

Contact person: 
Ing. Veronika Šramová, PhD.,
e-mail: veronika.sramova@uvp.uniza.sk

Person responsible for the content of the current subpage: Ing. Andrea Čorejová / tel: +421 908 277 599 / e-mail: andrea.corejova@uvp.uniza.sk

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