Scientific profile of the University


Transport (road, railway, water, air), transport and postal services, traffic routes, transport and civil engineering, civil engineering structures, electrical engineering, telecommunications, informatics, information and communication technologies, management and marketing, mechanical engineering, materials and technologies, robotics, machines and equipment design, low carbon solutions, smart production, civil engineering, crisis and security management, civil security, fire protection, forensic engineering, applied mathematics, teaching of academic subjects, library and information science, social pedagogy, high mountain biology.

Scientific and professional orientation

  • transport, postal and telecommunication policy; identification of socially optimal performance of transport and distribution systems, including evaluation of efficiency in transport, post and telecommunications; forecasting and modelling of intelligent transport systems; quantification of external effects of transport and their internalization,
  • harmonization and integration of legislation and management systems of transport and communication system of the Slovak Republic within the European area, sustainable growth of the transport system while maintaining an acceptable mobility with the application of intermodality,
  • economic and financial management of transport, postal and telecommunications enterprises with a focus on rail, road, air and water transport, postal and telecommunications services, effective methods of their diagnosis and recovery,
  • modelling of passenger transport systems, identification of problem areas, increasing the competitiveness and quality of public passenger transport, development of integrated transport systems,
  • modelling of logistics systems, methods of identification and analysis of costs in logistics chain, model of division of transport work in transport with regard to infrastructure capacity, circulatory systems in logistics hubs and terminals of seaports and inland terminals, transformation of inland ports into multimodal transport-logistics centres,
  • innovative transport technologies, diagnostics of vehicles and the control of stacking and fastening of the load on vehicle, vehicle maintenance, relations between construction of vehicles and their failure rate, reparability and durability, operation of advanced unmanned systems, research of external and internal influences on the human factor in human-machine-environment interaction in transport and logistics systems,
  • radar navigation and radio communication in aircraft, vessel and inland fleet control, reference geodetic system in aviation,
  • optimization and rationalization of services provided on the international transport market with the support of information systems and simulation tools,
  • optimization of distribution technological processes and networks, measuring the quality of services provided using automatic identification (RFID), use and monitoring of automatic identification technologies, creation of databases for routing of shipments,
  • economics, management, marketing, controlling, econometrics and operational research, predictive bankruptcy model for transition economies, implementation of investment decision-making methods, evaluation and prediction of economic situation of enterprises, regional economy, financial and actuarial mathematics, use of real options in managerial decision-making, development and conception of financial literacy methodology.
  • digital technologies for the support and development of innovative-constructional processes based on numerical analyses and optimization in connection to reverse engineering and rapid prototyping technologies,
  • advanced bio and nano type materials, light and ultra-light alloys and composite materials and materials for additive technologies with a focus on the prediction of their performance,
  • alternative energy sources with the use of new progressive thermal cycles focused on "low-carbon" solutions,
  • trends in the development of future vehicle components with a focus mainly on electromobility and rail vehicles,
  • development of non-destructive methods in mechanical engineering technologies with a focus on functional characteristics of materials,
  • development of advanced industrial engineering methods and smart production in connection with key technologies,
  • development of modular robotic systems and new parallel kinematic structures for applications in the field of manufacturing machinery.
  • information and telecommunication technologies, fixed, mobile, satellite and photonic communication systems and networks and their dimensioning, optimization, information and communication services,
  • multimedia, analysis and processing of image and sound, machine and deep learning, 3D graphics, computer game design,
  • reliable and secure transfer and processing of information in management of critical processes, information systems for all kinds of controlled systems, safety systems for all kinds of transport, intelligent transport systems, telematics,
  • methods of control of electric drives, dynamics and energy of electric traction, electro energetics, power electrical systems, mechatronics, theory and design of electrical machines, autotronics,
  • management of quality and reliability in electrical engineering, automation of measurement, control and testing,
  • diagnostic methods and systems for electrical machines and equipment, methods and means of non-destructive control of materials, measurement and simulation methods in biomedical engineering, electro-magnetic compatibility,
  • acoustic and optical investigation of physical properties of condensed matter, investigation of waves and light interaction with acoustic and magnetic fields, physical aspects and practical application of interference modes in optical fibres, phenomenology of disruption of electroweak symmetry and quark-gluon plasma study, photonics integrated structures,
  • materials and systems for applications in solar energy.
  • theoretical problems of planning, design, construction and rehabilitation of transport infrastructure, including environmental impacts of transport and its safety,
  • theoretical and experimental analyses of solving problems of diagnostics and modernization of engineering structures, transport and building constructions and historical and architectural monuments, BIM modelling, experimental and numerical analyses of building materials, theoretical problems of assessment and determination of residual life of transport and building constructions,
  • development of methods of experimental and numerical analysis, mathematical modelling and dynamic simulations in terms of theory and construction of engineering structures, transport and building constructions,
  • decision-making processes, strategy of rehabilitation of engineering, transport and building structures, maintenance and optimization methods in management of individual parts of traffic route,
  • energy-saving, environmentally sound and construction-physical correct design of buildings with regard to sustainable development of society, circular economy, green economy, Life Cycle Analysis,
  • geoinformation systems in design and reconstruction of traffic route, traffic analyses, structure and architecture of intelligent transport systems.
  • creation of general theory in the field of security sciences with a focus on security management, crisis management and rescue services,
  • comprehensive risk assessment, creation of procedures for its analysis and design of preventive measures of a managerial, technical and technological nature in the social, business, technical, technological and natural environment,
  • testing and inspection of construction products and materials for fire resistance and their flammability (reaction to fire class) in methods of application, as well as the use of new materials with a focus on trends,
  • research in the field of burning and fires of passenger motor vehicles and means of transport, as well as their individual structural units and materials used,
  • research in the field of burning and fires of passenger motor vehicles and means of transport, as well as their individual structural units and materials used,
  • research on innovative and safe practices in the use of material resources and technique,
  • interdisciplinary solutions for the field of rescue services and their implementation in the practical activities of rescue services,
  • application of fire simulation programs in the area of rescue services,
  • solutions of fire safety of structures,
  • complex increase of safety of cities and municipalities,
  • design and evaluation of systems for protection of objects (e.g., critical infrastructure protection, soft targets protection),
  • development of theoretical basis of criminalistics and criminology with a focus on preventive projects,
  • evaluation of the quality of human potential in the field of security services,
  • development of information security management and its implementation into practice,
  • dynamic evaluation of resistance of selected mechanical barrier equipment using non-standard procedures for overcoming them,
  • solution of crisis phenomena in natural, economic and social environments in order to increase the resilience of society,
  • development of integrated safety and support of decision-making with a focus on prevention of emergence of crisis phenomena,
  • assessing the resilience of critical infrastructure and ensuring its protection,
  • solution of current tasks within an integrated rescue system with an emphasis on the efficiency of deployment of forces and resources to address emergency situations,
  • optimization of industrial safety processes, provision of prevention and solution of major industrial accidents and their ecological consequences in order to prevent the emergence of crisis phenomena,
  • research on the impact of the human factor in preventing and coping with crisis phenomena.
  • mathematical modelling, simulation and optimization: databases, information and communication networks, freight and passenger transport, throughput and quality of communication networks,
  • information and technical support: analysis and creation of database systems, analysis and creation of multimedia systems, multimedia information and communication services, parallel and distributed systems, next generation communication networks, security, embedded and multi-agent systems, sensor networks, machine learning, deep neural networks, systems reliability,
  • monitoring and management of transport processes: analysis and creation of information systems for monitoring and management of transport, basic and operational management of transport processes, intelligent transport systems,
  • management of human and technical resources: management, marketing, logistics and entrepreneurship, economy and economics, assessment and prediction of economic situation of enterprises, regulatory automation systems,
  • analysis, synthesis and design of integrated information and control systems, reliability analysis, acquisition of knowledge, neural network applications, computer vision, low energy computing, memristors, big data analysis, biomedical informatics.
  • relationship of family environment and school success,
  • relationship of family environment and school success,
  • optimization of education in line with European value paradigm,
  • research in the field of teaching theory and didactics,
  • research in the field of school climate,
  • research and optimization of processes of mass industrial digitization and conservation of written heritage,
  • research, protection and access to cultural and scientific heritage, mass media communication,
  • research in the field of library and information science, journalism and general linguistics,
  • research in the field of proceduralization of explicit language knowledge and effectiveness of the latest methods of teaching foreign languages,
  • research in the field of British and American studies and English linguistics,
  • research in the field of teaching of English as a foreign language,
  • research in the field of philosophy of culture and philosophy of religion in the contexts of axiological pluralism and the current migration crisis in Europe,
  • research on the quality of life and value orientation of students at universities and higher education institutions in Slovakia,
  • methods typical for a qualitative and quantitative approach to data acquisition and analysis,
  • identification of attitudes to various phenomena in pupils and students,
  • prediction of the development of didactics of individual subjects,
  • value orientation of young people in today's world,
  • chrono psychological aspects of learning,
  • visualization of information,
  • research on the use of variable virtual spaces.
  • forensic engineering with a focus on interdisciplinary approach in the field of transport, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, graphology and business economics, general and special methodologies of technical analysis and diagnostics in expertise,
  • creation of methodical procedures and guidelines for expertise,
  • research in the field of forensic biomechanics, mathematical modelling of human body and its parts, physico-mathematical simulation calculations of dynamic and impact stress of human body to solve the problems of pre-crash, crash and other mechanical events, research on the issue of crew in traffic accidents of road vehicles, design and construction of test dummies for impact tests,
  • research into traffic accidents with highly vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists),
  • research into the identification of critical events in road traffic for the purposes of preventive engineering reduction of risk of road sections, as well as for the design of test methodology for semi-autonomous and autonomous road vehicles,
  • research on the issue of accidents of semi-autonomous and autonomous road vehicles,
  • research on the extraction of quantitative data from CCTV and on board cameras for pre-analysis of traffic accidents,
  • research into the setting of time standards for repairing hybrid and electric vehicles,
  • research in the field of construction, creation of expert methodologies in the field of valuation of buildings, construction work, damage assessment, building damage assessment,
  • research in forensic economics, creation of methodologies for forensic audit of companies,
  • participation in international projects and significant international scientific and professional events.
  • contamination of high-mountain fauna and flora by heavy metals from cross-border pollutants (Pb, Cd, Hg),
  • ethology of high mountain vertebrates,
  • ontogenetic allometry of vertebrates,
  • bacterial microflora of high mountain vertebrates,
  • blood parasites of high mountain fauna of Slovakia,
  • multivariate statistical techniques in the research of the co-evolution of Acarina, Mallophaga and their hosts,
  • biomonitoring of watercourses and water areas in high mountains and their fauna at regular intervals,
  • algae of temporal water ridges of high mountains – autoecology of selected species,
  • sustainable development of high mountains, concepts and strategies in nature and landscape conservation,
  • theory of teaching of certain subjects in the bachelor's degree study programme Ranger and in the master's degree study programme Alpine and Mountain Ecology.

CETRA – Centre for transport research

  • Dissemination of information and coordination of international cooperation through the participation of UNIZA workplaces in research projects of EU framework programmes in the following areas of research, development and innovations in the field of transport:  
    • transport equipment, means of transport,
    • transport networks,
    • transport technologies,
    • modelling and optimization of transport processes,
    • intelligent transport systems,
    • safety of transport and transport infrastructure,
    • quality and efficiency in transport,
    • impact of transport on the society and environment,
    • education of transport experts.
  • Consulting and advisory workplace for international cooperation projects,
  • Representation of UNIZA in the Steering Committee of the association ECTRI (European Conference of Transport Research Institutes) and dissemination of information on ECTRI activities within UNIZA,
  • Administration of institutional data on international research, innovation and educational projects within the authorised LEAR workplace for EU H2020 and ERASMUS + programmes,
  • Organization of international seminars, conferences and symposia with a focus on research, development, innovation, economics and operation in the field of transport.

Department of International Research Projects - ERAdiate+

  • monitoring current calls for the preparation of international research and innovation projects, in particular Horizon Europe, primarily in the areas of the UNIZA Long-Term Strategic Plan,
  • preparation and implementation of international research and innovation projects, Horizon Europe, related to the research focus of UNIZA in cooperation with nominated experts in the given fields from the relevant UNIZA workplaces,
  • raising awareness of UNIZA's research and scientific activities within the European Research Area and contributing to building an internationally competitive environment through research and development activities, human resources development and the efficient use of research infrastructure,
  • further development of the Department as an internationally recognized scientific and research workplace in the areas defined in the UNIZA Long-Term Strategic Plan,
  • coordination of research and innovation activities carried out at individual UNIZA workplaces, usually on the basis of international research projects funded by the European Union,
  • establishing international cooperation with foreign scientific and research institutions and universities and linking scientific and research activities between foreign institutions and UNIZA,
  • representation of UNIZA in the European Automotive Research Partners Organization (EARPA), the Urban Europe Research Alliance (UERA) within JPI Urban Europe, CCAM (Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility) associations within the co-programmed partnership Horizon Europe CCAM, and UITP (International Association of Public Transport).

Institute of Competitiveness and Innovations

  • research in the field of intelligent manufacturing systems and intelligent concepts of management, development of solutions for the Industry 4.0 concept,
  • research in the field of bionics and bionic systems and the study of the use of acquired knowledge in solving engineering tasks and innovations of products and manufacturing systems,
  • research and development of solutions in the field of Digital enterprise,
  • design and testing of products using the methods of virtual design, reverse engineering, Rapid Prototyping,
  • research in the field of reconfigurable and adaptive manufacturing systems,
  • research in the field of new concepts of assembly and production – competent manufacturing islands, scalable manufacturing capacities,
  • research and development in the field of mobile robotics and mobile robotic systems,
  • research in the field of cooperative robots,
  • research in the field of multi-agent control systems and complex holonic systems,
  • research and development of new approaches to simulation, emulation and visualization of production and logistics processes with the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies, development of Factory Twin concept,
  • research in the field of methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning,
  • study of the opportunities for growth of productivity with the use of advanced methods,
  • expert assessment and testing of roller bearings,
  • research in the field of testing the performance of rolling stock axle boxes.
  • integration and coordination of applied research tasks in strategic research areas of UNIZA, research on the human factor in transport and interaction – human – machine,
  • research on the issue of monitoring, simulation and management of transport processes with emphasis on defined priorities in multimodal transport,
  • research and development of technologies and applications of intelligent transport systems,
  • research in the field of prototyping of intelligent transport systems and reverse engineering,
  • research in the field of intelligent solutions for advanced manufacturing systems,
  • research in the field of advanced manufacturing technologies, technologies and new concepts of assembly,
  • research in the field of modelling and simulation of intelligent manufacturing systems with application of solutions in industry,
  • research and development of system applications based on optical fibres and photonic elements,
  • research of methods and applications in biomedical engineering,
  • research of unconventional power mechanisms and their components,
  • research in the field of sensor networks and uncertain data processing for intelligent systems,
  • research in the field of solutions based on optical fibres and photonic elements,
  • research in the field of audio-visual information processing,
  • research in the field of know-how technologies and decision-making support,
  • international cooperation in applied research,
  • research in the field of intelligent systems with competencies for digital design, optimization, processing of large transaction and analytical data and digitization of intelligent environment,
  • smart mobility research with an impact on cyber security,
  • top research infrastructure of UNIZA with emphasis on application use and transfer of knowledge and research findings into practice,
  • cooperation with industry and region in addressing the aims of applied research,
  • stimulating and managing the flow of knowledge and technology between workplaces within and outside the university, research and development institutions, companies and markets,
  • creation of research teams from several UNIZA faculties, able to submit quality joint projects,
  • comprehensive support for the management of intellectual property rights in the UNIZA environment within the activities of the UNIZA Technology Transfer Centre,
  • support in the implementation of the transfer of educational, research and development results into practice within the activities of the UNIZA Technology Transfer Centre,
  • provision of professional services primarily for young researchers, doctoral students, students with creative potential who need support for the start-up of their activities, startup projects, etc. within the activities implemented under the auspices of the UNIZA Technology Incubator. Its activities also include the connection of the scientific-research and business environment and organizations that focus on the support and development of startups.
  • research in the field of diagnostic infrastructure and methodologies for automated collection and objective evaluation of variable and non-variable parameters of transport route,
  • complex tools for assessing the economic efficiency of investment in transport infrastructure,
  • minimisation of degradation of roadways from heavy freight traffic,
  • application of new methods of diagnostics and monitoring of the state of the transport infrastructure,
  • evaluation of the basic mechanical – strength, deformation and fatigue characteristics of materials for the transport route and means of transport, research and development of advanced methods for improving the performance of construction materials,
  • study of electrochemical and chemical degradation mechanisms of construction materials, improvement and modification of surface properties and volume of construction materials for the transport industry, study of procedures of anti-corrosive protection of materials and concept of accelerated tests of constructions in aggressive working conditions, concept of corrosion map of the Slovak Republic,
  • implementation of modern low-energy constructions and technologies in the construction of buildings, in the field of conversion of renewable energy sources (RES) to heat, in the field of utilization of alternative working substances in the more efficient thermodynamic heat transformation from RES to mechanical or electrical energy,
  • modern constructions, technologies and management of advanced intelligent and low-energy buildings,
  • study of heat sources for biomass or fossil fuels combustion, heat sources and heat accumulation for the use of geothermal energy or solar energy,
  • experimental research of heat exchangers for the reuse of heat or heat transport,
  • thermal and working comfort of a person in the workplace and living space.

Institute of Lifelong Learning

  • research in the field of applied linguistics with a focus on the issue of teaching a professional foreign language; comparative linguistics; sociolinguistics focusing mainly on the relationship between language and society, or a particular society and, last but not least, interculture and intercultural competences,
  • research in the field of quality and efficiency of professional foreign language teaching, use of ICT in professional foreign language teaching, evaluation and work with professional text,
  • popularization of foreign language teaching and learning,
  • research in the field of adult education with emphasis on professional development, labour market needs and education management,
  • research in the field of age management, activation of 45+ education and intergenerational education,
  • research in the field of higher education pedagogy with emphasis on the specifics of higher education in technical and economic fields,
  • a comprehensive approach to the creation and implementation of further education.

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