The Rector's Order No. 9/2021 for compliance with preventive measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19 disease at the University of Žilina

Greetings from University of Žilina

the management of the University of Žilina does not underestimate the situation with the occurrence of a coronavirus and the Rector of the University of Žilina in order to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 coronavirus at the University of Žilina issued Rector´s order No. 9. The situation at the University of Žilina is constantly monitored via all available sources.

Due to situation, we have decided to change your classes to Online from 29. 11. 2021 until future notice.

ERASMUS + students and international students will be able to continue to stay at UNIZA. You must adhere to the principles of reducing the risk of spreading coronavirus and COVID-19 and minimizing leaving the restricted room with an emphasis on banning the collection and receiving of visitors.

Erasmus+ Students are still obliged to prove at the entrance to the dormitory that they are a person with OTP.

OTP- is meant exclusively by persons who are:

  • O-fully Vaccinated - a person at least 14 days after the application of the second dose of vaccine against COVID-19 with a two-dose regimen, at least 21 days after the first dose COVID-19 vaccine with a single-dose schedule, or a person of at least 14 days after the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, if the first dose COVID-19 vaccination given within 180 days of overcoming the disease COVID-19.
  • T-Tested - a person who is able to prove a negative test result for a disease COVID-19 not older than 7 days after collection in case of RT-PCR or LAMP test (PCR)/antigen test (Ag), (e.g. arrival at accommodation facilities 27.09.2021 is conditioned by a negative result test performed first 20.09.2021).
  • P-Overcome - a person who has overcome COVID-19 in the last 180 days.


1. ERASMUS + students and foreign students will continue to be able to stay in accommodation facilities

UNIZA facilities and are also required to:

  • principles for reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 coronavirus, with an emphasis on a ban gathering and receiving visits,
  • respect the instructions and regulations of the directors of UNIZA accommodation facilities,
  • monitor their health, body temperature, or other symptoms COVID - 19,
  • if they show symptoms of COVID - 9, resp. has a positive RT-PCR test / ATG COVID-19 test during accommodation at the ultrasound, follow the instructions.

2. Accommodation facilities will have isolation rooms, where increased hygienic measures will be delivered accommodation for the current time of students who have been identified or suspected COVID-19 disease.

3. Students are still obliged to prove at the entrance to the accommodation facilities that they are a person with OTP. If the student does not prove that he / she is a person with OTP, the responsible person is entitled not to allow him entrance to accommodation facilities.

4. Every accommodated person is obliged to behave in such a way that his / her actions do not endanger health and safety other persons located on the premises of UNIZA accommodation facilities. In the current epidemiological situation means limiting contacts with other people to a minimum.

5. The accommodation is locked from 10.30 pm to 4.30 am. Accommodation will not be available leave or enter UNIZA accommodation facilities. Exceptions will be only accommodated who prove by a doctor's visit, a travel ticket or other relevant document (e.g. document on the performance of night work), approved by the director of accommodation facilities, which will serve as a document on the reason for non-compliance with the set time of entry into the UNIZA accommodation facility. They are accommodated obliged to observe night rest and regulations in accordance with the Resolution.

6. Accommodation is recommended to minimize mobility and stay in UNIZA accommodation facilities.

7. Control of compliance with these instructions and recommendations will be ensured by the members of the responsible person.

8. In case of non-compliance with the notifications of authorized persons by UNIZA, responsible person, the police will be called.

9. In case of non-compliance with this order, the accommodated student will be excluded from the accommodation facilities in accordance with the UNIZA directive No.164 Misdemeanor and Rules of Procedure of accommodation facilities UNIZA misdemeanor commissions without the right to return accommodation fee. Subsequently, disciplinary proceedings will be initiated at the relevant faculty.

10. For the sake of completeness, it is stated that according to §163 and §164 of the Criminal Code “Who intentionally or through negligence. causes or increases the risk of the introduction or spread of dangerous contagious human beings disease shall be punishable by a term of imprisonment of one to five years."


From the 25th of November Slovakia enters lockdown the restriction and rules:

  • Wearing FFP2 or KN95 respirator inside,
  • Wearing a mask covering in outdoor areas is mandatory if a minimum distance of 2m from other people cannot be maintained,
  • All mass events will be cancelled,
  • People will be banned from eating and drinking inside restaurants,
  • Fitness centres, wellness centres, will be closed
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