Code of Ethics of University Employees

In relation to the Code of Ethics, we, employees of universities of the Slovak Republic undertake to comply with the principles of this Code. It is connected with an effort to enhance the reputation of these top-level educational, research and artistic institutions providing higher education in bachelor’s, engineering/master’s and doctoral study for social and economic practice:
  1. Our activity is based on compliance with and respect for the principles of humanism, freedom and democracy.
  2. Our educational, scientific and research, academic and other responsibilities that result from our employment contract are performed honestly, responsibly and at a high professional level.
  3. We maintain our independence and freedom of decision making with respect to the professional interests of other employees, students, collaborating organizations, sponsors, and so on.
  4. Through our behaviour, we create an atmosphere of high work and social ethic in the workplace and so we contribute to forming the corresponding human relationships not only with our colleagues but also with students of our university.
  5. Throughout the performance of the work we behave so that our actions would be consistent with an essential function of educational and research institution:
    1. we use the possibility of academic area for free and objective dissemination of our scientific, professional, and pedagogical knowledge respecting the right to education and information of our students;
    2. we behave politely with esteem and dignity towards students, the public and our colleagues, respecting the same rights for all without distinction as to race, nationality, gender, age and religion;
    3. through our professional activities, we create a space for the development of creative approach of students towards studies and the use of acquired knowledge and skills in practice;
    4. we do not use the spiritual, material and financial resources for our enrichment or deterioration of public interest and interest of universities;
    5. we use the working time fund so that all the activities that we carry out fully correspond to the job description and employment contract we have individually concluded with the employe;
    6. we realize all non-work activities only after completing the working time that is individually given by employment contracts concluded with the employer.
  6. In relation to domestic and foreign scientific and pedagogical community we behave correctly and we recognise the rules of copyright protection and intellectual property protection. We pay attention to the reputation of universities that we represent.
  7. We inform employer about our non-work activities that may cause a conflict of interest in advance.
  8. The results obtained in pedagogical, research, artistic, professional and other activity that have been created on the ground of our own university will be protected against misuse and will not be provided to third parties without the proper protection of intellectual or material property.
  9. We are aware that behaviour that do not comply with the principles of this code of ethics harms the interests of our university as well as the moral and social prestige of a university teacher, or more precisely university employee.
  10. By regular monitoring of compliance with the Code of Ethics in complex evaluation of job performance, we want to achieve the fact that the compliance with the Code of Ethics would become a natural part of our behaviour and that we would represent these important institutions of education, science and culture of the nation in this way.
© 2023 University of Žilina

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