Aim, mission and vision of UNIZA

The basic strategic objective of the University of Žilina is its formation as a modern educational and science and research institution with a high prestige standing at the forefront of Slovak universities and in a wider European area and its further development based on traditions and creative understanding of scientific, educational, cultural and human mission. The University is able to respond adequately and in advance to a rapidly changing environment by using its innovative potential for the development of the region, Slovakia and European Union. The University naturally seeks to ensure that education is based on the transfer of information from the top-level research and that it is conducted in a research-related environment. The aim of this approach is to enable students to understand the nature, importance and essence of scientific and research activities at the University. It gives them an opportunity to engage in research and to become a part of the research community. The mission of the University is to develop education based on scientific and research and art activities in accordance with national and democratic traditions, to develop the harmonic personality, knowledge, the good and creativity of a man and to contribute to the development of education, science and culture for the welfare of the whole society. Its activities conduce to the development of education as a part of culture and to the enhancement of scientific, technical, economic and artistic level of society. These activities are in line with the worldwide development in science, technology, art and culture. The vision of the University is connected with the use and evaluation of educational and scientific potential at the top European level. The University also focuses on the development of international cooperation with educational and research organizations and the continuous deepening of interconnection with social practice.

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